Monday, December 28, 2009

mode: BeST Programme..under biotechcorp...

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Special Training (BeST) Programme

BeST is a six-month intensive and structured retooling programme for graduates from all disciplines wishing to enter the biotechnology industry and other related industries in general.

BeST combines classroom-based instruction, laboratory work and industry internship. The programme is aimed at equipping the graduates with essential skills and knowledge for entry-level positions within biotechnology companies or biotechnology-related companies.

This Programme aims :

  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of graduates in technical, communication/ language and business/ entrepreneurship areas.
  • To match the knowledge and skills of graduates with the competencies required by biotechnology industry.
  • To give unemployed graduates relevant "real world" skills as well as industry experience and exposure.

skrg neh aku under programme neh la...

best nama dia so it also best....


  1. Assalamualaikum, saya bdk kos biotech punya latihan industri 3 bln je..boleh apply ke BeST programme..??