Monday, May 17, 2010

first time with subway...

first time ate at subway, make me wish to eat subway everyday..!!!!!
yesterday when i arrived at kl sentral from my hometown
while waiting to pray..
i suddenly decided to try subway..hee
idea inspired by friend of mine ..ain that tell her experience ate at subway before..
she told me that we need to chose by our own ..
and the sandwich prepared fresh in front of us..
when i at the counter
i quited blurring ....
how this thing works???
read at board..
first we need to chose bread...
i chose the normal bread that they called it italian bread
then we need to chose toping ..
i just pick round meat and i dont know what the meat that i chose..
than they put in also a slice of cheese...
then they baked it for just a few minutes time..
i wondering are u sure my meat cooked well??
then we need to chose vege...
so i choose salad..
finally we need to choose sauce..
i choose chili and thousand island..
and all it coast me
RM 12.10
just for the sandwich itself ...
hurm quite expensive....
but when i tasted it ...
hurm ...not bad, next time i can come and taste new toping...wink wink...

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