Wednesday, July 21, 2010

werewolf vs weretiger

since i school my mother always told me that our great great grandfather were from indonesia and they were called Kerinci, interesting part that i want to highlight here that they was famously known as weretiger mom kept remind me to be nice n not easily got angry otherwise she said u will turn into hurm 2 since few weeks lately..people were talked about TWILIGHT and Which team to be, either Jacob or edward...hehehe
So exclusive here i twisted a little bit the twilight story to became my version...wink2..
so which one will u choose:

i as : weretiger

transform into this:

Weretiger:) hauummm

Jacob werewolf:)
fight to win this girl>>>>who will win???ahahahaha

Bella SWan

p/s : i am chuffed to bits if u all select me;) wink2


  1. Tigers in real life. Tigers in fantasy. The ultimate predator. Can run, climb and swim.

  2. Still love the wolves though. Very cool very slick, beautiful to look at and mysterious