Thursday, July 28, 2011

the facts that maybe Malaysian don't know:fact1

"tanjung piai in johor located at the southern most tip of mainland asia continent"

nasrul asyraf

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

backpacker file 2

tips no 3: do research ....

-nowdays u can find everything on google....yeah went u travel as backpack u need to prepare everything where place to stay ..where place to eat...n take time for u to arrange u can start on itinerary..first where place that u need@ want to visit...second u can find the place for u to stay based how reachable to place of interest ex located near any public transport because as backpack u most of the time depending on public transport so selection of the place to stay near all facilities will fully utilize your days....planning place to visit were important because u has target today u need to go to this place next to....further more for location within walking distance from each other u can save u money on transportation ....jalan kaki la(just walk )......

so here how i plan my backpack trip to south korea.....
-i based on this three main forum n blog (u can find your own forum blog)for me this very good forum n blog for my travel to korea

forum in cari but this forum in malay this is my main reference:
- i personally like this forum very informative ..:)
forum in lowyat


very good blog to travel around south korea based on the blogger experience herself...owner name zarina ...very actively update about how u survive in korea n travel as backpack, thank zarina for very useful information

2) itinerary
-i prepared my itinerary based on above blog n link....
-i prepared place to visit ..most of the place was the top tourist spot...
-i choose place to stay and made advance booking.. so my selection based on how easily i can access to the public transport , me to get food n affordable
so i choose one of this hostel in itawon area because at there, they have mosque so i can easily perform my prayer n further more when u stay in the place near to mosque u can easily get access halal food;)for transportation, this hostel located within walking distance to nearest subway station and also located in front of shuttle bus stop to airport, journey to seoul is about 20-30min from hostel... surprising me many Malaysian stayed at this hostel and i also meet a group from malaysia n one guy from singapore....
-after preparing itinerary i studied location of the all tourist attraction ...then i combined together all nearest attraction, for tourist attraction within walking distance i just walked u can save money on transportation

for example :
from hostel i straight go to Gyeongbokgung Palace buy subway, in front of this palace locate ghwamun plaza within walking distance was buckhon hanok village ,Changgyeonggung Palace, insadong i save money by just walk to this place....

3)search about any suppoting matrial
-the many supporting matrial like simple conversation book, maps ...(tourist attraction map,subway map) n also apps by smartphone...

i find many apps about travel in korea but this app help me lot.. since i travel a lot using subway.. it make my life easier...i just need to type in the station i started my journey n my final station and it will show where i need to make transfer from one subway line to other ..good news this app was "seoul travel mate"

4)prepared backup planning ...
- prepare back up place to visit ...if your original plan cannot be accomplish....

*by doing some ground work about the country u visit u will make sure that your travel become more organize, u fully utilize u time and u can same more money because u will know any alternative n pros n cons when u planned u travel@ vacation...

for example if u done the research u will know there few ways to reach downtown seoul from airport
by taxi with cost u around 30,000 won per car
by bus around 15,000 won
by airport railroad (arex- airport train system only around 4000-6000won

so choice on you??

at the end of day when u finished prepared itinerary u will get like flow chart@agenda for your tavel@vacation;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

mohd nasrul asyraf ..facts 2 aku sukar menuturkan perkataan aku secara percakapan(skemanya ko punyer tajuk)

gmbr hiasan: sofiea my little cousin.

yep...sejak lahir my mother @ i used to called ibu but bila besar pandai2 mereka dibu (tambah d kat depan atau klu mls panggil dib jer haha)..back to citer my mother dari kecik tak ajar biasakan diri dgn kata nama skrg susah aku nak sebut aku sbgai kata diri aku dlm pertuturan...dia raser jangal @ raser kasar sikit.....klu tulis takpe dlm mesej takpe untuk guna aku tapi bila bertutur nak guna aku susah la sikit....klu ckp ngan org tua @ lecturer @ bos senang jer leh guna saya tapi klu rakan sebaya susah ohhh....tak ingat dah time sekolah bahasakan diri aper....tapi maser kat matrik bahasakan diri " kami" ....kami tu ramai la nasrul oooiii hahaha....kat u tak tau la guna aper....ibu susahla nak sbut aku!!!!....skrg kat tmpt keje klu ngan rakan sebaya bahasakan diri sbgi nasrul(neh mcm skema) jer takpun i n u(neh mcm over)hahaha tapi perkataan neh lebih senang dituturkan berbanding aku....

situasi perbualan(kisah benar):

time universiti
kwnku: sapa yg dtg tu
nasrul: mak n bapak a.....(should be mak n bapak aku.. tapi aku lebih suka ckp mcm tu jer....)

or aku leh jwb mcm neh

kwnku:mana laptop ko??
nasrul: my sister pinjam.....

tapi kadang ngan org yg jarang aku ckp tapi kadang dia smbg ngan aku dan dia bahasakan diri dia aku...aku try jugak lak bahasakan diri sbgai aku tapi ader mcm pause jap

kwn sekerja: ko nmpk tak aku punyer pen
nasrul: tadi.......(pause untuk kejangalan myebut aku ) aku letak kat atas tu....

Aku aKu.. AKu.. AKU....aku
....boleh jer sbut nasrul ???mgada!!!beb tulis boleh la sebut tgk......

backpacker file 1

the journey ....;)

travel as backpacker was not very bad idea.;)furthermore you had versatility on where place to visit..where place stay....etc. and the good thing u can save a lot of money, for me that traveling on budget was the best choice to fulfill my dreams to conquer the world hahahaa (sungguh metaphora)..i thinking of europe to be my first backpack experience but south korea unluckily became my first country for backpack.. so here i shared some of my tips(i will used korea as example):

number one : search for airfare promotion
-try monitor@survey any promotion about air tic, i booked ticket around july 2010 and that time when airasia wanted to fly to south korea for the first time so they made a promotion for their inaugural flight to south korea....the lowest airfare is about rm 368 round trip including tax, food n baggage ;) unbelievable price ...but i only faster enough to grabbed rm 5++ which i think still very affordable....;)opps i traveled on march 2011 so what long time to waited but it worth....

now: the lowest tic to south korea around rm 650-8++ for all in round tic..still cheap ...

remarks : when u travel with budget airlines u should not compare to other airlines but i dont mind?? truly??? actually i cant afford other airlines hehehe but the advantage of this co called budget airline was u can use you money for something else compare u spending more on air ticket

i waiting for airasia to start fly to turkey so i can make my euro trip either malaysia -turkey(base)-london-turkey- malaysia or malaysia- london-turkey-malaysia......;)

number two:
when u stay foreign country u saved a lot when u stay at hostel compare to hotel, so a lot hostel u can choose to stay which was more affordable n have some quality ..u can choose single room or dorm(more cheaper) compared to overrated hostel;)what to you need only do some work@ research on google so aper lagi google lah....try look at this link:

number 3: next post ok;)sorry for terrible English n grammar

Monday, July 25, 2011

mohd nasrul asyraf ..facts 1:kurang bereaksi;)

yeah aku seorg yg kurag bereaksi i am bit neutral haha kurang memberi respon ape yg org ckp bukan bermaksud tak suka dgr org ckp cuma kurang mgambil tumpuan kurang respon @reaksi pada sesuatu...but i trying to be more responsive ok:)do share your problem with be i try to give u solution then u treat me la....hehehe

let look at this......
kwn ku: wei bos panggil...
diriku : ok...
boss: nasrul kita dah dapat duit nak running project tu 1millon...(extra happy go lucky mood)
diriku: err.......(speechless with no reaction)

wtheee nasrul give la some like this:

kwn ku: wei bos panggil...
diriku : ok...
boss: nasrul kita dah dapat duit nak running project tu 1millon...(extra happy go lucky mood)
diriku: wow bosss u did good job (smbill lompat 2 dlm bilik boss )......yg neh cukup reaksi dak????

Friday, July 22, 2011

aku jiwa kelajuan bwk moto ...tapi aku takut bwk kete...


mgkin aku seorg yg laju klu bwk moto..alhamdulilah dgn izin allah s.w.t ...but until now umur 24 tahun aku takde lesen kete...hahaha sbnernyer aku pernah try ambik smpi lesen L tapi aku tak smbung smpi skrg ...time latihan aku rser mcm ok jer...tapi time nak try kat umah raser mcm takut la hahaha mcm raser takut tertekan minyak raser mcm sempit la , lagi satu aku tak biaser guna kaki kiri untuk clutch mcm kekok lak...tapi klu try kat kwsan lapang biar aku try control minyak mcm mana mesti ok hehe....skrg raser selesa lak guna moto gi keje ....takde sangkut jem gi keje minyak sikit jer belanja cuma time ujan yg buat aku lenjun hehe tapi tak leh slahkan ujan ....bila nak ambik bila nak ambik takkan nak suruh ehem2 bwk kot klu dah khwin hahahaha tak kan nak jadi mcm neh:

situasi 1
pemaisuri hati:semua brg dah masuk dlm kete ker awk..
diri ini: dah ler awk
permaisuri hati:saya dah ready nak drive neh..
diri ini:takpe ker awk drive???
pemaisuri hati: habis tu sapa nak drive??
diri ini:ooooooo hehhee
pemaisuri hati: awk tido dulu nanti dah smpi kmpg i kejut....
diri ini: ohhh sooo sweeetttt;)

stopppppppp that dreaming nasrul...kene belaja kete gak takkn nak bg your sweettheart bwk kete kot ....kene la jadi mcm neh....

situasi 2
diri ini: brg 2 dah siap dah ker
pemaisuri hati : dari mlm smlm dah masukkan dlm kete dah....
diri ini : amboiiiii...
pemaisuri hati: hehheehe
diri ini: jom dah ready nak drive neh cpt2..
pemaisuri hati: okkkkkk;)
diri ini : awk tido dulu dulu nanti smpi kampung i kejut....
pemaisuri hati: mana leh tido takkan nak biar u bwk kete sorg 2...
diri ini: so sweettt

hahaha neh baru betul;)


Quote of the day....

quoted from my friend status on fb which i like....

"If dreaming is the only way to meet you, then i'll never open my eyes"


If you cannot be a pencil to write anyone's happiness, then try at least to be a nice eraser to remove someone’s sadness


Saturday, July 9, 2011

realiti dunia

Dear diary...

tak tau la aper yg akan berlaku ..kenaper manusia tak leh bersatu selesaikan masalah secara teratur ..kenaper masing 2 ader agenda n kepentingan diri masing 2..kenapa manusia tak kenal rasa puas ...??alhamdulilah sehingga harini diri ini hidup dalam suasana keamanan ..biarkan masa akan menentukan segalanya

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

klu tak wish tak semestinyer lupakan

Dear diary....

i am sorry bececause i am not personally wished your birthday...but tak wish tak semestinyer tak ingatkan..but i do wish but i asked my sis to wish;)btway happy birthday to my mother ..the one and the know me better right;)