Tuesday, July 26, 2011

backpacker file 1

the journey ....;)

travel as backpacker was not very bad idea.;)furthermore you had versatility on where place to visit..where place stay....etc. and the good thing u can save a lot of money, for me that traveling on budget was the best choice to fulfill my dreams to conquer the world hahahaa (sungguh metaphora)..i thinking of europe to be my first backpack experience but south korea unluckily became my first country for backpack.. so here i shared some of my tips(i will used korea as example):

number one : search for airfare promotion
-try monitor@survey any promotion about air tic, i booked ticket around july 2010 and that time when airasia wanted to fly to south korea for the first time so they made a promotion for their inaugural flight to south korea....the lowest airfare is about rm 368 round trip including tax, food n baggage ;) unbelievable price ...but i only faster enough to grabbed rm 5++ which i think still very affordable....;)opps i traveled on march 2011 so what long time to waited but it worth....

now: the lowest tic to south korea around rm 650-8++ for all in round tic..still cheap ...

remarks : when u travel with budget airlines u should not compare to other airlines but i dont mind?? truly??? actually i cant afford other airlines hehehe but the advantage of this co called budget airline was u can use you money for something else compare u spending more on air ticket

i waiting for airasia to start fly to turkey so i can make my euro trip either malaysia -turkey(base)-london-turkey- malaysia or malaysia- london-turkey-malaysia......;)

number two:
when u stay foreign country u saved a lot when u stay at hostel compare to hotel, so a lot hostel u can choose to stay which was more affordable n have some quality ..u can choose single room or dorm(more cheaper) compared to overrated hostel;)what to you need only do some work@ research on google so aper lagi google lah....try look at this link:

number 3: next post ok;)sorry for terrible English n grammar

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