Sunday, August 21, 2011

wishlist 2...autumn

actually for four season country i only experience musim sejuk...and i know why people hated winter so much because it freaking cold....klu nak kluar mana 2 mesti paki baju tebal kena paki kasut tak leh paki malaysia u can always wear sliper ...that really cool cool...hehehe....but actually i wish i can experience autumn season by my self ...rasernyer musim atumn neh mmg cantik n weather was very pleased...betul tak??so miss autumn i really admire u....winkwink...

season wishlist:
2)sakura blossom
3)touch falling snow flakes with my bare hand....

p/s: if u no idea how the snow texture look like when you touch using the bare hand dia sebijik macm ais kisar yg buat abc tu;)

Updated: wishlist no 3:touching the falling snow flakes with bare hand (√) 

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